GC08 Collective - Lines to Paint

4th - 28th October 2016

Exhibiting work by Charlotte Johnston, Melpomeni Irakleous, Paolo Doyle and Toni Harrower at the Arts Centre & Theatre Aberdeen. Throughout their final year the four painters worked together, sharing a studio on the top floor of the Painting Department at Gray's School of Art; creating the name GC08 which was their room number.

The exhibition was inspired by a Haiku poem, written by sculptor / writer and poet Alexander “Twig” Champion, a Gray’s alumnus:

"The city inside a cloud, All is white and water-filled, There is rain in my pocket."

Based on their individual interpretations of this poem each of them produced at least one new work specifically for this exhibition, in the short time since graduation. A selection of other works produced in the last year is also exhibited.

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