The Colour of What?

30th April - 28th May 2021

‘’The Colour Of What?’’ showcases 20 paintings created by Toni Harrower(me). I wanted to explore colour through my colour-coded alphabet as I was interested to find out how colour would be affected by producing work with the titles of colours rather than colour itself. I am curious to know how it would feel to look at a painting, for example, with the title Red but see no red in the painting. 10 paintings have been created by starting with the title and then using the letters in the title to select the colours based of my own colour-coded alphabet. The other 10 paintings have been created using a variety of hues of the same colour.

The layout of these paintings comes from the pattern inside an envelope. They are quite sculptural with depth and shadows in the work and appear differently in changing light. I chose which colours to apply thickly to create contrasts and harmonies.

I hope this has given you an insight into my painting practice and the exhibition ‘’The Colour Of What?’’ If you have any questions, or would like to see the work, please send me an email at

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